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book report lord jim Jim is editor english a young man with a vivid, romantic imagination, who decides to become a sailor after reading sea stories. Your Life Student! He loves picturing himself as a hero, but he misses his chance when it comes. As a student on editor a training ship, he hangs back from a rescue mission during a storm because the storm frightens him so. Comment Rediger Philo! Later, Jim signs on as first mate of the Patna, a rusty old ship that's been hired to take 800 Muslims on a pilgrimage. One calm night the ship is damaged at sea, and the other white members of the editor, crew- the obese German captain and the three engineers- decide to flee in one of the lifeboats. Jim is horrified: They're responsible for essayer bien, 800 other lives. Editor English! But considering the damage, the Patna seems certain to essay student, sink any moment. Editor English! At the last minute, Jim leaps overboard and into the escaping lifeboat.

The five men are soon rescued, and they report the essay, sinking of the editor, Patna. Essay! But later it turns out that the Patna hasn't sunk: A French gunboat discovered it and towed it into editor english, port. Jim and his mates look like cowards to the rest of the world. An inquiry is essay held, though Jim is the only one of the runaways who actually attends. Editor! The German captain has fled; the first and second engineers are hospitalized; the third engineer died during the escape. At the end, the court revokes Jim's license to serve as a ship's officer. During the course of the satire essay, inquiry Jim meets Captain Marlow, who's twenty years his senior. Marlow becomes interested in english Jim's story and satire in great expectations essay invites Jim back to his hotel; Jim, relieved to have a sympathetic ear, supplies all the painful details. Though there's no excusing Jim, it's also clear that he's not as great a scoundrel as the other crew members. Marlow develops some compassion for the young man. (It's Marlow who narrates most of the novel.) One of the judges at the inquiry is a highly successful and extremely conceited captain named Montague Brierly. The inquiry disturbs him, and he tries to talk Marlow into english, bribing Jim to run away.

Brierly is so anguished by the potential for human cowardice that Jim has demonstrated that he kills himself at punishment essay, sea a short time later. After the inquiry, Marlow comes to Jim's aid by recommending him to a friend who owns a rice mill. Jim does well there, but when the second engineer of the Patna shows up looking for work, Jim leaves. He can't stand being reminded of his humiliation. For the next several years he drifts from port to port, working as a water clerk for suppliers of provisions to ships.

As soon as he's recognized, he leaves. But eventually he becomes so well-known that there's almost no place left for editor, him to hide. At this point Marlow seeks advice and help from his old friend Stein, a wealthy German merchant whose chief interest is collecting butterflies and beetles. Stein hires Jim as a trade representative in the remote district of Patusan. Finance Thesis! The district is editor english tyrannized by its ruler, the Rajah Allang. The Rajah's main rival is old Doramin, who leads a settlement of Muslim immigrants and is, incidentally, an old friend of Stein's.

A third political force is Sherif Ali, a cult leader who has terrorized the countryside. Tant! The Rajah takes Jim prisoner as soon as he arrives. Editor English! But Jim escapes and seeks out que mal Doramin, who protects him for editor, the sake of his old friendship with Stein. Jim hatches a plot to rout Sherif Ali, and with the help of Doramin's son, Dain Waris, they drive him out of Patusan. Jim rises to a position of leadership in the community, and the Rajah's power is curbed.

But the life student, person who hates Jim most isn't the editor, Rajah but Cornelius, the man Jim replaced as Stein's representative. Cornelius' dead wife bore a daughter by finance thesis another man, and Jim falls in editor love with this daughter. He calls her Jewel. Expectations! Jewel loves Jim fiercely, but she's terrified he'll abandon her as her father abandoned her mother. English! Under Jim's leadership, life for essayer, the villagers becomes stable and secure. But that changes when a malicious British pirate named Gentleman Brown invades Patusan, bent on plunder. Jim is away when Brown's men sail up the river, but Dain Waris leads the defense, cornering Brown and editor his men on a hill. When Jim gets back, he negotiates with Brown, who agrees to comment rediger dissertation, leave quietly. Jim's decision to let him go without a fight is controversial, but Jim thinks it's best to avoid bloodshed.

But Brown wants revenge, and Cornelius is editor ready to help him. He knows that Dain Waris is bien que mal camped downstream with a group of men who are guarding the editor english, river, and he leads Brown and his men up behind the bien, camp, where they stage a sneak attack. Editor English! Dain Waris and a number of others are killed. Jim's servant, Tamb' Itam, witnesses the massacre, and he manages to finance thesis, kill Cornelius before speeding to editor english, the village with the terrible news. Essayer Bien Que Mal! Jim and Jewel know that Doramin is editor english going to want revenge for the death of his son. Jewel begs Jim to either put up a fight or escape with her; but Jim refuses. Proving once and for all that, no matter what happened on essayer tant the Patna, he's not afraid of death, he goes to face Doramin. The angry old man shoots him through the chest, and editor english Jim falls dead. Finance Thesis! Conrad's title character is a complex intellectual puzzle, and it is very difficult to judge him. Editor! In deserting 800 pilgrims aboard the Patna, Jim commits an action that's utterly inexcusable.

But Conrad provides facts that soften the crime in capital punishment essay every possible way. Jim genuinely believes that the ship is about to editor, sink, and that he can't do anybody any good by staying aboard. Besides, his escape owes far more to an impulse- an inexplicable impulse- than to any conscious decision. Moreover, Jim has so many admirable qualities (which he demonstrates amply in the second half of the novel) that it seems unfair to remember him as the man who jumped off the your student, Patna. And yet that's how people do remember Jim- even his friend and champion Marlow and, from what Marlow can gather, Jim himself.

According to editor english, Marlow, Jim is finally not clear to him. Finance Thesis! So it's no wonder that the editor english, readers have reached no consensus about comment dissertation, Jim, either. The second half of the novel remains particularly controversial. Editor! Some readers believe that Jim's accomplishments in Patusan make up for his cowardice aboard the essays about, Patna. Others are equally certain that his final blunder of judgment, a blunder that costs many lives, is intimately linked with his behavior on the Patna. (A deeper question arises: Is there a scale on which you can balance a person's good acts against his bad acts?) Considering this moral ambiguity surrounding Jim, it's fitting that the editor, image he's most often associated with is in australia mist. Marlow complains that he can never get a clear picture of him, because Jim always appears, metaphorically speaking, in a fog or mist.

Occasionally the editor, mist parts, allowing Marlow (and the reader) a deeper glimpse into Jim's inner workings. But the mist always closes again. This image undergoes a metamorphosis in the last part of the novel, where Jim repeatedly appears under a cloud. Cloud retains the associations of mist, suggesting that it's difficult to see beyond the surface of Jim's actions into his motives. Finance Thesis! But the phrase also carries its usual implication of a damaged reputation. Jim dies under a cloud in editor that he leaves so many people both in Patusan and in the wider world thinking that he deserves to be condemned. Essay Life Student! But the wording also suggests that those who condemn Jim don't see or understand him clearly. Surely, for example, Doramin is wrong to think Jim is guilty of any kind of treachery toward Dain Waris.

Jim is the victim of his own vivid imagination. He tends to freeze in difficult situations because he's so adept at editor english, picturing the worst possible outcomes. He's also a romantic idealist- that is, he thinks perfection is really within his grasp, and so he's doubly hard on himself when he fails to be perfect. He may not live up to his vision of himself, but he's no hypocrite, either- he strives to live up to it. Carol! He's naive, even immature, to have so little perspective on his ideals. But if he's naive he's also admirable. After all, he does manage to impose his vision of order and justice, at least for a while, on troubled Patusan. Jim's naive idealism isn't his only boyish trait. He has a youthful exuberance that borders on impulsiveness, and doesn't always serve him well. His response to english, an insult is either to blush or to fight. And he occasionally stammers like a tongue-tied boy.

Marlow frequently notes this inarticulate quality but admits that it doesn't keep Jim from being wonderfully expressive. He has a sulky side, which comes to the fore when he's criticized, combined with a stiff-upper-lip British pride that makes him want to hide his feelings. Essayer! Thus, in Chapter Six he tries to pick a fight after he hears someone call a dog that wretched cur and english mistakes the words for an insult directed at him. But what humiliates him most deeply is punishment essay having his wounds exposed: Until then he had faced his loss of reputation with a public air of indifference that was a long way from his true feelings. Jim's judgment may (or may not) be unsound, but he does at english, least prove by the end of the novel that he's not afraid of death. He arrives in Patusan, knowing the danger, with an unloaded gun. Comment Dissertation! He leads the assault on Sherif Ali at great risk to his own life. He regularly demonstrates his fearlessness by drinking the editor, Rajah's coffee, which he has good reason to believe may be poisoned. And finally he goes to confront Doramin knowing that he will almost certainly die. Whatever Jim's faults, he rebuts the charge of cowardice in the face of finance thesis, death. Editor English! Those faults may have to do with his egoism, a characteristic to which Marlow refers again and again.

Jim is satire essay ultimately obsessed with himself, his image of english, himself and his own behavior. He isn't very concerned with the rest of the world (which is satire expectations essay not to say he's selfish). His good deeds in Patusan satisfy a test he's set for himself- fine as he is, he doesn't go there out of charity. He takes great satisfaction in being loved and trusted and english revered, and in knowing that nobody in Patusan would call him a coward. But in the end he places his own ideals, and his own needs, far above Jewel's or the community's- whose interests aren't served by essay his death. Jewel is left widowed and alone; the community loses a leader who's brought peace and english curbed the tyranny of the in great expectations essay, Rajah. In fact, the only interest served is an abstract one: Jim's egoism, his personal ideal of bravery, at the cost of his own life.

Although Marlow, the ship's captain who tells most of Jim's story, plays only a small part in the action of Lord Jim, he's as important to the novel as the editor, title character. Almost everything that happens is que mal filtered through Marlow's consciousness via his narration. As a thinker, Jim is rather dull. His ideas are simple and editor boy-scout naive. What gives the novel its verve and its complexity is Marlow's wide-ranging observation and bien analysis. Marlow is a practiced observer- the very opposite of the editor, egoistical Jim. While Jim is obsessed with himself, it's other people (particularly Jim) who fascinate Marlow.

He complains about the way men and women constantly seek him out to spill their innermost thoughts, but you can see why they do: His interest and compassion, his need to understand, make him a natural confessor. Rediger Philo! Conrad had already used Marlow as a narrator, in editor english the short story Youth (1898) and the short novel Heart of Darkness (1899). But in those works Marlow was little more than a fictional stand-in for the author; his attitudes, perceptions, judgments were Conrad's. In fact, their only major difference was their birthplaces- Britain for Marlow, Poland for Conrad. But in Lord Jim the relationship has altered. Marlow is no longer simply a stand-in, though his moral and ethical judgments still resemble Conrad's. Now Marlow allows his affection for Jim to soften his judgment. Deep down, he wants to find a way to excuse him.

Conrad, in contrast, presents the evidence with rigorous objectivity. For example, in his talk with the French lieutenant (Chapters Twelve and Thirteen), Marlow wants to think that the lieutenant's sympathy and understanding of human fear will lead to his pardoning Jim. Conrad lets Marlow build this house of cards out of his hopes- then has the lieutenant topple it with a few words about satire expectations essay, a topic Marlow has been avoiding: honor. Jim's emotions are essentially simple because he views the editor, world in finance thesis simple, even naive terms. Editor English! Marlow, on comment rediger dissertation philo the other hand, is endlessly complex in his responses to events and his analyses of them.

He's exasperated by Jim's immaturity, though he's also drawn to the way Jim has held on to his youthful illusions. But though Marlow may have lost his own illusions, he's anything but a cynic. In fact, he's the editor, opposite- a moralist. Marlow is concerned with the essential goodness or badness of rediger philo, people, their butterfly or beetle natures. (See the Note in Chapter Twenty.) He readily condemns the Patna's captain and engineers, or Cornelius and Brown; and he doesn't hesitate to heap praise on characters like Stein and Dain Waris. What disturbs him about Jim's case is the ethical problem. Marlow is an adept enough judge of character to recognize that Jim is a far cry from the scoundrel he would have expected in a first mate who deserted his ship. In fact, his confidence in Jim goes so far that he's willing to make himself unreservedly responsible for Jim's behavior by recommending him for editor english, employment in in great essay terms you would use only for a close friend.

So Marlow faces the moral puzzle: how could a genuinely good man behave like a very bad one? Philosopher though he is, he balks at the one answer that might let Jim off. He's unwilling to concede that the fixed standard of conduct, the code of ethics by which we behave, isn't grounded or fixed in any cosmic sense as, for example, the law of gravity is fixed. He refuses to believe it's an arbitrary standard, fixed only for our own convenience but dispensable in certain situations. For Captain Marlow the good sailor, a ship's officer doesn't abandon the passengers under any circumstances- period. But Jim seems no more villainous, really, for his action. This moral puzzle is part of what draws Marlow to Jim. In addition, of course, he likes him.

And he feels a certain responsibility, recognizing that nobody will help the young man if he doesn't, and that without help Jim is probably bound for a future of alcoholic ruin. And yet for all his kindness Marlow is so reserved that he seems cold. He seems to have difficulty handling affection. Whenever Jim tries to express friendship or gratitude, Marlow dodges with a joke or a gruff reply. He actively avoids moments of what he calls real and editor english profound intimacy, preferring for such intimacy to be understood rather than expressed.

Marlow's formality keeps the prose from turning mushy. Marlow is an admirable man, but he doesn't like to claim his own virtues; he'd rather come across as bad-tempered and gruff. Essayer Tant Que Mal! Jim's captain, a vulgar, obese German by way of editor, Australia, is capital in australia essay everything a captain shouldn't be: irresponsible, corrupt, and contemptuous of his passengers (he calls them cattle). When his ship is damaged at sea, he wastes no time trying to save the passengers, and abandons it without a second thought. Later, before the inquiry, he vanishes- apparently having (unlike Jim) some place to go, some connections who will take him in. Conrad has a good deal of fun at his expense, ridiculing his vulgarity, his bad English, and his grotesque bulk. The chief engineer is a cohort of the captain's, and just as corrupt. They're a team of embezzlers.

Physically they look grotesquely like Laurel and Hardy: the captain revoltingly fat, the chief engineer bone-thin, with sunken cheeks, sunken temples, and editor english sunken eyes. It's the chief engineer who, once the about christmas, Patna has been deserted, has the illusion of seeing it sink. His illusions continue back on shore, where he succumbs to hallucinations after three days of heavy drinking. He claims to have a clear conscience about abandoning the ship (I could look at sinking ships and smoke my pipe all day long), but his drinking suggests he's trying to forget. The toad visions seem to be displaced guilt: His deranged mind has transformed the abandoned pilgrims into vengeful toads.

His distress suggests that breaking the fixed standard of conduct carries heavier personal consequences than Marlow first thought. The second engineer is a nasty, obnoxious little man who talks too much. He's as corrupt as the captain and english the chief engineer, but he does at least show a little spirit during the Patna crisis by running to the engine room, at great risk and in about christmas great pain from a broken arm, to fetch a hammer. Months after the inquiry, he turns up destitute at Mr. Editor English! Denver's rice mill, where Jim has found work with particularly good prospects. His offensive familiarity eventually drives Jim away. There's a hint in his fawning that he intends to blackmail Jim. Poor George surfaces just long enough to die of heart failure during the punishment in australia, Patna crisis. He's in bed when the ship is damaged, and the other officers rouse him.

Jim notes the english, irony of his death: If he had been a little braver and not exhausted his heart trying to get off the ship, he would have survived. When Jim leaps into the lifeboat, the other officers mistake him for finance thesis, George in the darkness, not realizing that George has died. Big Brierly is a highly successful and conceited sea captain who serves as one of the editor, nautical assessors, or judges, at the court of inquiry into capital in australia essay, the Patna incident. He seems like a man who's enjoyed every possible stroke of good fortune. And yet he kills himself shortly after he hears the case. From what Marlow gathers, Brierly's suicide seems directly related to his high opinion of himself.

Brierly perceives that few sailors ever have to confront the kind of moral test Jim has faced (and failed) aboard the Patna. Apparently he becomes obsessed with the anxiety that he would behave the same way. After all, Brierly's life has consisted of one piece of luck after another. English! What would happen if his luck ran out? Brierly, it would seem, has never thought about that question, but once he starts thinking about it he can't stop. He kills himself out of expectations, fear of editor, his own cowardice. He has based his opinion of himself solely on externals- all the awards and honors and praise he's received. He has no fundamental belief in himself, nothing internal. When he starts questioning his worth, he has no internal confidence with which to fight off doubts and the doubts soon overwhelm him.

Jones is Brierly's chief mate at the time of his suicide. He detests Brierly so much that he can hardly stand being civil to carol, him. After Brierly's death, though, he develops such reverence for his former captain that he comes close to weeping when he talks about him. His change of heart owes much to Brierly's having recommended him as his successor in a letter written just before he jumped overboard. Jones doesn't get the promotion, but by the time Marlow speaks to him, some two years later, he's taken charge of some other nautical wreck. More than three years after the fact, Marlow encounters an elderly lieutenant of the French gunboat that towed the Patna to port (Chapters Twelve and Thirteen). The lieutenant fills Marlow in on what happened to the Patna after its officers abandoned her. He's a model of editor english, military courage and efficiency. The scars on his hand and his temple attest to the action he's seen. He condemns actions on the Patna. Fear may be understandable, but cowardice isn't defensible.

The lieutenant's highest value is honor. He would never have the slightest doubts about the fixed standard of conduct. Chester is an Australian adventurer who accosts Marlow after Jim's trial with a job offer for Jim (Chapter Fourteen). He has a crackpot scheme for hauling guano (sea bird manure, for fertilizer) off a waterless Pacific island, and he wants to engage Jim as overseer for 40 coolies there. Though he derides Jim for taking his punishment to heart so, he also knows Jim doesn't have any other prospects. Chester prides himself on seeing things exactly as they are, but in fact he's a gross cynic without the christmas carol, least conception of editor, personal honor. His cynicism is the reverse of essays about christmas carol, Jim's idealism; he forms a beetle to editor, Jim's butterfly (see the note to tant, Chapter Twenty). The Chester episode demonstrates to english, Marlow how vulnerable Jim will be to unscrupulous adventurers, making Marlow feel his responsibility as Jim's only real friend.

Chester does eventually set sail for his guano island, but the whole enterprise disappears in a hurricane at sea (Chapter Sixteen). Finance Thesis! After Jim's trial, Marlow sends him to work for english, Mr. Denver, a wealthy friend who owns a rice mill (Chapter Eighteen). Mr. Rediger Dissertation! Denver is an elderly bachelor who's spent his life distrusting people, but he's so charmed by Jim that Jim has a good chance of becoming his heir. When the obnoxious second engineer of the Patna turns up, Jim runs away, leaving Mr. Denver wounded and bitter. Stein was born in Germany, as his thick accent and mangled syntax attest. Editor! He is a wealthy merchant operating out of Java. As a young man, he was a partisan in the region's bitter power struggles, and his exceptional courage led him through one adventure after another. He married, but both his wife and daughter are long dead.

The old man's main interest now is his remarkable collection of butterflies and beetles- Conrad's symbols for the two poles of human nature. You will hear more about these later. Stein's appearance in Chapter Nineteen heralds a shift in the basic assumptions of the novel. The early chapters are grimly realistic, with heavy emphasis on the futility of expectations, illusions. Editor English! In the first half, Jim's idealism is viewed as commendable, perhaps, but obviously impractical and rediger philo even dishonest in the distance between Jim's fantasies of himself and his behavior on the Patna. Stein expresses this point of view even as he contradicts it. He explains that the distance between your dreams and accomplishments is english necessarily a source of pain.

But all the same, he advises, In the essayer bien que mal, destructive element immerse- that is, keep following your dreams even though you can't attain them. The reason Stein partly undercuts his own advice is that he seems to have attained all his own dreams. English! Of course, as he explains to essays about christmas, Marlow, a casual observer can't see his failures, his lost dreams. Still, he seems like exactly the kind of romantic dreamer that Jim was criticized for being- and exactly the kind of man Jim would like to be. Stein plays a small part in editor the plot of the novel, sending Jim to Patusan as his trade representative. But his position in the center of the book lends great weight to his words. In fact, the novel ends with Stein and his butterflies. Mohammed Bonso is Stein's princely ally in the regional power struggles, assassinated when peace was at hand. Stein married his sister, the princess.

Both she and finance thesis their small daughter, Emma, later died of an infectious fever (Chapter Twenty). The nominal ruler of Patusan is the retarded Sultan (Chapter Twenty-two), but the real power is his corrupt old uncle, the Rajah Allang. The rajah is a dirty, wrinkled opium addict, and he's a tyrant. Any peasant who violates his trade monopoly by doing commerce with someone else faces a death sentence. The rajah takes Jim prisoner when he first arrives in Patusan.

Later, after Jim has risen to power, the rajah can't afford to kill him (though he'd like to) because Jim protects him from the editor, wrath of Doramin's followers, who would very much like his head. Jim regularly demonstrates his fearlessness by accepting the rajah's coffee, which he has good reason to think may be poisoned. When Patusan is invaded by Gentleman Brown and his small army of pirates, the rajah, through his representative Kassim, carries on capital punishment negotiations with the invaders. English! This cynical diplomacy comes to nothing, but the outcome of events- the deaths of Jim and Dain Waris- seems likely to restore the old tyrant's former power. Kassim, the expectations, rajah's right-hand man, is a cunning diplomat who greets Jim on his arrival in Patusan (Chapter Twenty-four) and later negotiates in the rajah's name with Gentleman Brown. English! Like the finance thesis, rajah, he hates Jim and Doramin.

Doramin is the leader of the Patusan Bugis, a group of some 60 Muslim families, from the neighboring island of Celebes, who form the faction opposed to editor english, the rajah. The old man is immensely fat, but his weight isn't comical; each pound seems to add to his mountainlike dignity. Doramin protects Jim for the sake of in australia essay, his old friendship with Stein. He is, in general, wise and wily; but he ultimately lets his love for his son Dain Waris overrule his good judgment. Thus, he forestalls an attack on the invaders in Jim's absence, fearing that his son will be harmed in the battle. Later, after Brown's men have killed Dain Waris, Doramin takes revenge by shooting Jim. Not only is editor his vengeance an capital, irrational act, but it's a highly foolish and irresponsible one that will bring great harm to the Bugis he leads, since Jim is their main protection against the tyranny of the Rajah Allang. Dain Waris, Doramin's son, is a stock figure of adventure fiction: handsome, intelligent, daring, respectful of his parents, and so forth.

Marlow sings his praises by editor listing the ways in which he's like a white man (Chapter Twenty-six)- a racist way of implying that Malays who aren't like white men are inferior. Because Doramin is your student ambitious for editor english, his son to tant que mal, become ruler of Patusan, he's not entirely comfortable with Jim's power- especially after Marlow assures him that Jim is editor never going to leave even though Jim and Dain Waris are best friends. Dain Waris dies through the treachery of Brown and Cornelius, but Doramin's rankling resentment leads him to bien que mal, avenge his son by editor english shooting Jim. In Great Essay! Sherif Ali, an Arab half-breed and religious fanatic, has incited the tribes in the interior to rise and terrorize the countryside. He's built a stronghold on one of the editor english, twin hills overlooking the village. Both the rajah and Doramin are wary of your life, him. Jim makes his name by leading Doramin's men into english, Sherif Ali's supposedly impregnable camp and driving him out of Patusan.

Jim's faithful servant, silent and dour, is another stock character of escapist fiction. This name means black clerk in Malay. Like Jim, he's an essayer, outsider (a Malay from the north) whom the rajah took prisoner on editor his arrival in Patusan, and who escaped to the Bugis. He witnesses the massacre of Dain Waris' men, and he executes the treacherous Cornelius on the spot. Much of Marlow's information about Jim's last days comes from Tamb' Itam, who has escaped with Jewel to Stein's home in essay Samarang. Jewel isn't her real name (which Marlow never discloses), but the English translation of editor, Jim's affectionate Malay nickname for her. She, too, is something of a stock figure- romantic and tragic- but with slightly more depth of character than the other Malays.

Jewel's father abandoned her mother, who then married Cornelius. Now the mother is dead, and Cornelius has transferred his long bitterness to poor Jewel, whom he browbeats constantly. She leads a miserable life until Jim arrives and falls in love with her. But she's terrified that Jim will leave her, as her father left her mother. When, at essay life, the end, he marches off to editor, die, her fierce love turns into bitterness. Essentially she goes from essay your life student one false picture of Jim to editor, another. During his lifetime, she won't believe anything bad of him; after his death, she won't forgive him because, she insists, he has abandoned her. Essayer Tant Que Mal! Though Jewel is editor fairly helpless in her dependency first on essay your life Cornelius, then on Jim, she's nonetheless spirited and resourceful. She saves Jim from Sherif Ali's assassins. Editor! Later, when Brown's men invade and Jim is away, she proves herself a natural leader of the community.

But her judicious call for strong action against the invaders is satire thwarted by Doramin's over-cautiousness. Cornelius, a Malayan-born Portuguese, lives in Patusan as Stein's thoroughly incompetent trade representative before Jim is appointed to the post. He got the english, job only tant through Stein's regard for editor, his wife, who was pregnant by another man and needed a refuge. Cornelius never forgives his wife, and he never forgives her daughter, Jewel. Marlow dislikes Cornelius so much that his descriptions are almost funny in their disgust. One scathing adjective follows another. In Great! Cornelius even moves like some kind of editor english, vermin, skulking or slinking or sidling. The only thing that keeps him from being really dangerous is finance thesis his cowardice. It takes Brown to give Cornelius' malice some teeth. Cornelius despises Jim, presumably because Jim has replaced him. But there's something deeper in english his hatred- the natural animosity (like Brown's) of finance thesis, a low creature for a superior one.

He assists Sherif Ali's plot to assassinate Jim, but doesn't get punished for it. Editor! (Jim spares him out of deference to his position as Jewel's father.) He ingratiates himself with Brown's men, he pleads with Brown to kill Jim, and he leads the invaders to the position from which they stage their sneak attack on Dain Waris and finance thesis his men. Tamb' Itam stabs him to english, death in essay your retaliation for his part in the massacre, and so he never has the satisfaction of seeing his treachery lead to Jim's ruin. Marlow's spoken account ends at Chapter Thirty-five. Chapters Thirty-six through Forty-five comprise a written addendum that Marlow sends, more than two years later, to one of his original listeners. This privileged man (privileged because he's the only member of that audience to learn the english, rest of Jim's story) is capital punishment essay never named. He seems to be elderly (his wandering days were over), and the city he lives in forms a geographical contrast to the remote village he'll be reading about. The privileged man's outlook is english racist, in that he has criticized Jim for deserting his own culture to live among a people he likens to brutes. Gentleman Brown is essays christmas called Gentleman because he's supposed to be the editor english, son of punishment, a baronet, but in editor english fact he's the finance thesis, lowest kind of pirate. He has virtually no morals.

His only display of feeling is reported in a tale about his weeping over editor english, the corpse of a woman he'd stolen from her missionary husband. Brown and his men invade Patusan because they need food and essays christmas money, and the village looks prosperous and vulnerable on a map. But it proves to be difficult prey. Brown's men are soon surrounded on a hill in what looks like a hopeless position- until the rajah, via Kassim, opens negotiations. It's then that he hears about Jim. Brown is such a low creature that he can't imagine Jim as anything other than a plunderer like himself. But when they meet, and he perceives his error, his hatred is immediate and editor absolute.

Later, as the dying Brown relates his story to essays about christmas carol, Marlow, it's clear that his hatred is instinctive: it's like the english, natural enmity of, say, a cobra for a mongoose. But Jim is too innocent to feel this kind of enmity. He lets Brown escape with his life, never dreaming that Brown could be so despicable as to stage a sneak attack on innocent men- exactly what he does as he's leaving Patusan. Most of the action of Lord Jim takes place in and around Singapore and the Malay Archipelago, a chain of islands extending from southeast Asia to just north of Australia, including Indonesia and the Philippines. Conrad was familiar with the area from three visits he had made, during his sailing years, between 1883 and 1888. Marlow never names the city in which the Patna inquiry is held, but his description of the harbor office, the essay student, hospital, the hotel, and so on- suggest that it's Singapore. The city is a port situated on the small island of Singapore, off the southern tip of the editor, Malay Peninsula. In Conrad's day Singapore had already long been under British rule. Comment Philo! (It became independent in 1959.) For a stretch midway through the novel, Jim works as a water-carrier in various ports, notably Bangkok, Siam (present-day Thailand) and Samarang, Java (present-day Indonesia), which is where Stein lives as well.

After that, the action shifts to the fictional district of Patusan. English! Conrad appears to have based Jim's refuge on a settlement on the Berau River, on the island of Borneo (mostly part of present- day Indonesia) that he had visited himself. Although Conrad spent only a brief time there, the locale proved to comment rediger dissertation philo, be a fertile starting point for his imagination; he had used a similar setting for his earlier novels Almayer's Folly (1895) and An Outcast of the Islands (1896). But since he was only loosely acquainted with the settlement, he probably supplemented his knowledge with various books about the area. The shift from a bustling port city to a remote island village signals a shift in the novel as well.

After Jim arrives in Patusan, the fantasy element grows stronger. The novel becomes much more like escapist fiction, with less emphasis on the troubling moral questions that dominate the first half. Remote villages are much more the stuff of romance than cities are. The shift to english, such a picturesque setting probably has much to do with the change in tone, especially since the protagonist, Jim, is so given to fantasies to start with. The following are major themes of Lord Jim. Twenty years before Lord Jim, Dostoyevsky suggested in his masterpiece, The Brothers Karamazov, that if there is no God, then everything is in australia essay permitted. The agnostic Conrad doesn't mention God, but the great underlying theme of editor, Lord Jim is related to this dictum.

Does a fixed standard of finance thesis, conduct exist- or is everything permitted? The behavior of the editor english, Patna officers, and the fact that at punishment in australia, least some of them escape punishment, lead Marlow to wonder whether the standard of conduct isn't really artificial, fixed for english, our own convenience but without any basis in truth. Jim's case disturbs Marlow even more deeply, because it raises the capital punishment in australia essay, question, are there circumstances under which the editor, fixed standard may be violated? If there are, then the standard isn't fixed at all, but movable. If it's movable, then what kind of truth could it rest on?

Are these questions answered in comment rediger Lord Jim? After you have violated the standard of conduct, what kind of second chance can you expect? Many readers put this question in terms of salvation or redemption. Some argue that no matter what kind of glory Jim attains in Patusan, he isn't redeemed. English! Others say he does achieve salvation. Still others claim that these terms are all wrong for finance thesis, Lord Jim because Conrad isn't the kind of religious writer for editor, whom they would have any meaning: Jim may not be redeemed, but he's certainly rehabilitated. Finance Thesis! The only person who seems unable to forgive Jim is Jim- the Patna scandal keeps gnawing at his memory. Several times Conrad pictures Jim's second chance as a veiled opportunity, an image that culminates in opportunity removing its veil at Jim's death. If in fact Jim's second chance comes only english when he looks death in the face and tant bien que mal doesn't turn away, proving once and for all he's not a coward, but at the cost of his life- if that's Conrad's meaning (but it's a big if)- then the ending is editor english very bleak indeed. Jim is so hard on himself after the Patna disgrace because he's spent much of about christmas, his life fantasizing about being a hero.

Marlow criticizes this aspect of Jim in the first half of the novel. Jim's illusions seem useless and, in view of english, his cowardice, even hypocritical. But at the same time Marlow is drawn to Jim's naive ideals, because they remind him of his own youthful dreams. With Stein's pronouncements in Chapter Twenty, Jim's ideals become a much more positive character trait. You may not be able to essayer tant, accomplish all your dreams, Stein advises, but you should keep following them all the same. Editor English! Jim's stupendous success in Patusan seems to justify Stein's words. Punishment Essay! Is there a difference between ideals and illusions? Stein is a naturalist who collects butterflies and beetles, and these two insect types crystallize another theme, the two poles of editor english, human nature. Jim may be fascinating because his behavior is ambiguous (more so in finance thesis the first half than in the second), but the other characters fall pretty clearly into two groups. The butterflies are the idealists, the romantic dreamers, the people who aren't corrupted by editor the dirt that surrounds them.

The beetles are the cynics, like Chester and Brown, and the cowards, like Cornelius and Jim's fellow Patna officers. Whatever Marlow's doubts about the fixed standard, he's confident enough that morality is finance thesis based on some kind of editor, truth that he isn't afraid to pass judgment on the behavior of others. Are his judgments accurate? Friendship is a subtle theme that runs like a thread through the novel. Marlow immediately feels his kinship with Jim, and keeps referring to him as one of capital punishment, us (see the note to editor english, Chapter Five). He also sees in Jim a reflection of his younger, more naive self. Marlow doesn't sermonize about the rewards of friendship. But he goes out of his way to help Jim, and he expends a lot of satire in great expectations, energy thinking and talking about him. Because Marlow tends to be unsentimental, even gruff, and because his affection for Jim is sometimes obscured by the relationship of editor, narrator to subject, this theme stays a little below the surface.

It's still the satire in great, novel's basic plot mechanism. Editor English! Without the friendship, there wouldn't be a novel. Conrad wrote in a famous statement that his task as an artist was by the power of the written word to make you hear, to your, make you feel- it is, before all, to make you see. To achieve this goal, he fills his pages with one image after another. Conrad's prose is rich, complicated, and sensual. It frequently verges on editor excess. His reputation as an impressionist novelist stems from his dependence on sense impressions to create his images and life student make his points. Such a dependency is fitting for editor english, an agnostic novelist: someone who doubts that there are general truths you can depend on- who isn't sure whether there's a God or not- will be likely to rely on finance thesis what he can perceive directly with his senses rather than on abstract ideas. Conrad employs a wide-ranging vocabulary, much of it drawn from editor sea life or from the exotic eastern regions that form the setting of the novel.

A big vocabulary is typical of Victorian novelists, but Conrad doubtless took special pride in his command of essay life, English, since it wasn't his first language. By the time he was writing Lord Jim, he had achieved such fluency that he could enjoy playing with the editor english, language- as he does, for about carol, example, in the various non-English accents (like Stein's) that find their way into the book, or in the public-school slang (bally this and bally that) that Jim is prone to use. It would be exhausting to attempt to point out every noteworthy image. Many of the images- for example, the moon over Patusan- have a deeper symbolic significance. But much of the pleasure you'll get out of english, Lord Jim will come simply from the hundreds of lovely or strange or shocking word pictures, and essays christmas carol you should keep yourself open to this remarkable beauty as you read. The first four chapters of Lord Jim are written in the voice of an omniscient narrator- that is, a narrator who has the english, ability to finance thesis, pry into a character's thoughts, in this case, Jim's. Conrad thus lets you get to know Jim quickly, and what soon becomes obvious is that Jim is editor a dreamer whose heroic fantasies are a long way from punishment in australia reality.

With Chapter Five, Marlow takes over the narrative; from english that point on, you're allowed to finance thesis, know only as much about english, Jim as Marlow knows. But aside from the fact that you no longer get to listen in on Jim's thoughts, this shift in point of view isn't as significant as you might expect. The main advantage the impersonal narrator gets from his omniscience is a thorough knowledge of Jim's fantasies- something Marlow understands after speaking with Jim for only a few hours. Finance Thesis! This omniscient narrator doesn't enjoy certain other advantages that the typical omniscient narrator has at hand. For example, when the Patna strikes whatever it is she strikes at sea, he doesn't fill you in by saying, It was an old shipwreck. This surmise, in fact, comes later, from Marlow, and it's only a guess. Conrad is a skeptical novelist, skeptical about the kinds of information that are available to editor, human beings. Just as Conrad the agnostic doubts the existence of general certainties, Conrad the novelist believes that what a narrator (or anybody) can know is what he can see, hear, taste, touch, and capital punishment smell- and deduce from that evidence.

So he limits the novel to Marlow's point of view. (The narrator of the first four chapters resembles Marlow in every aspect but his omniscience.) Marlow could be Conrad's double as far as general character traits and outlook go, so using him allows Conrad to speak, more or less, in english his own voice (but without the Polish accent). However, limiting Jim's story to Marlow's point of view requires some structural gymnastics on Conrad's part, since Marlow has to have contact with everybody who has important information about Jim. When Jim is leaving one job after another, Marlow has to trail around getting his employers' side of the story. Christmas! For Marlow to relate in full the editor, events leading to Jim's death, Conrad has to arrange an interview between him and Gentleman Brown. This interview, with Brown on his deathbed, is vividly described, but it's one of the less convincing sections of the novel. Instead of narrating events in a strict time sequence, Marlow jumps back and forth among the events of Jim's life, as well as events in comment rediger philo his own life (like meeting the French lieutenant) that have a bearing on Jim. Consider, for example, the events in Chapters Twenty-six through Twenty-eight. This is how they occur chronologically: Jim and english Jewel fall in love.

Jim leads the assault on about Sherif Ali. Marlow, approaching Patusan, hears a rumor about Jim owning a precious Jewel. Editor English! Marlow, visiting Patusan, talks with Jim (a) and Doramin (b). In Australia! But these four events are described in this order: 2-4a-2-4b-1-3. English! This fracturing of chronology was one of Conrad's most important contributions to finance thesis, the development of the novel, though he didn't take it as far as later writers such as William Faulkner. In fact, the novel overall has a conventional chronological structure, beginning with Jim's early days and moving on from the Patna incident to Jim's stint as a water clerk in various ports, then to his eventual success in Patusan and, finally, to his death. This overall chronology stays intact, even though within chapters, or groups of chapters, the time sequence is radically rearranged. Structurally, the novel breaks into two parts that might be called Patna and english Patusan, with Chapters Eighteen through Twenty forming a rough transitional link. Capital Punishment In Australia! Conrad admitted that the halving was a plague spot in editor english the novel. There's nothing inherently wrong with a two-part structure.

But many have argued that the Patna and essayer Patusan episodes of Lord Jim are so different in tone and in their basic assumptions about dreams and heroics that they make it difficult to see the novel as a unified whole. Do you agree? Copyright 1985 by Barron's Educational Series, Inc. Electronically Enhanced Text Copyright 1993, World Library, Inc. Further distribution without the written consent of, Inc. is english prohibited. All Contents Copyright © 1997-2004

All rights reserved. Further Distribution Is Strictly Prohibited.

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richmond cdc resume Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Few vacancies in the following locations: More Locations (103) Work Schedule is Full Time - Permanent. Opened Monday 12/19/2016. Closes Friday 6/16/2017. What exciting career opportunities await you at CDC? The Centers for Disease Control and english, Prevention (CDC) is the agency Americans trust with their lives. As a global leader in public health, CDC is the essayer tant nation's premier health promotion, prevention, and preparedness agency. Whether we are protecting the American people from public health threats, researching emerging diseases, or mobilizing public health programs with our domestic and international partners, we rely on our employees to make a real difference in the health and well-being of people here and editor, around the world.

Who May Apply: Open to US citizens and applicants eligible under Schedule A authority. This vacancy is also being announced concurrently with vacancy announcement HHS-CDC-M4-17-1873054 under merit promotion procedures. Please review that announcement to see if you are eligible for consideration under merit promotion procedures. NOTE: Applicants must apply separately for each announcement in tant, order to be considered. Medical Officer positions may be filled with this open continuous vacancy announcement within any CDC organization. This announcement will be used to fill positions in various geographical locations HHS-wide. Commissioned Corps Officers interested in performing the duties of this position within the Commissioned Corps (not as a career/career-conditional employee) are encouraged to editor, apply under the merit promotion announcement indicated above.

CDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This vacancy is also being announced concurrently with vacancy announcement HHS-CDC-M4-17-1873054 under merit promotion procedures. Please review that announcement to finance thesis, see if you are eligible for consideration under merit promotion procedures. NOTE: Applicants must apply separately for each announcement in english, order to your, be considered. As a Medical Officer you will. Provide support to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in public health research and analyses. Perform non-clinical duties involving the evaluation of medical research or the identification of editor causes or sources of disease or disease outbreaks. Apply epidemiological principles and/or procedures to investigate, review, analyze, and/or determine the cause(s) of problems, situations, inconsistencies, and/or issues related to programmatic degradation or systemic or causal parameters. Research findings which impact significant public health programs, issues, problems, processes, and procedures and/or the transmission of capital punishment other causation of english disease or public health issues or situations. Make substantive, multi-layered, and/or multi-dimensional recommendations and/or courses of action to carry out capital essay control procedures. English! Streamline public health processes and procedures, knowledge bases, and/or effect new approaches to resolve programmatic issues that contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the essays christmas HHS disease prevention, control and health promotion mission.

Occasional Travel As required by the position. Yes Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses may be authorized. U.S. Citizenship is required. English! Background Investigation required. Security and Medical clearance are required. Applicants must possess a Doctor of capital essay Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a school in the United States or Canada approved by editor english, a recognized accredited body in the year of the applicant's graduation. Rediger Dissertation Philo! A Doctor of editor Medicine or equivalent degree from a foreign medical school that provide education and medical knowledge substantially equivalent to accredited schools in the United States may be demonstrated by permanent certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) or a fifth pathway certificate for Americans who completed pre medical education in the United States and graduate education in a foreign country. Applicants who received a degree from a foreign medical school, but are licensed to practice medicine in a state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States require no other certification with regard to the quality of their education. NOTE: All applicants must possess a current medical license when applying for positions that require clinical or patient care.

Additional Qualifications: In addition to meeting the Basic Qualifications applicants must also meet the following for Medical Officer, GS-602-13/14/15. NOTE: A residency program involves training in a specialized field of medicine in an institution accredited for training in the specialty by a recognized body of the American Medical Association (AMA) or AOA. For GS-13: Three years of residency training in the specialty of the position to be filled or possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to essays, the GS-12 grade level in the Federal service implementing and evaluating medical activities related to public health programs. For GS-14: Four years of editor english residency training in the specialty of the position to be filled or possess at least one year of capital punishment specialized experience equivalent to the GS-13 grade level in editor english, the Federal service designing, implementing and capital in australia, evaluating medical activities related to public health programs. For GS-15: Five years of residency training in the specialty of the position to be filled or possess at least one year of english specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 grade level in the Federal service performing scientific, technical and punishment in australia, programmatic medical activities to originate new techniques, establish criteria, or develop new information related to editor english, public health programs. Foreign Education: Education completed in colleges or universities outside the United States may be used to meet the education requirements. You must provide acceptable documentation that the finance thesis foreign education is english comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States. For more information on satire expectations, how foreign education is editor evaluated, visit: CDC Financial Disclosure OGE Form 450 Holding ourselves to a higher standard; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inspires public confidence in its trust responsibilities and mission by maintaining high ethical principles. This position is subject to the confidential financial disclosure requirements of the Ethics in essays about christmas, Government Act of english 1978 (P.L.

95-521). Therefore, if selected, you will be required to complete a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 450) to determine if a conflict or an rediger dissertation, appearance of a conflict exists between your financial interest and your prospective position with the english agency. This Information will be required annually. Conditions of essays about carol Employment. Security and Background Requirements: If not previously completed, a background security investigation will be required for all appointees. Appointment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a background security investigation and english, favorable adjudication.

Failure to successfully meet these requirements may be grounds for appropriate personnel action. In addition, if hired, a background security reinvestigation or supplemental investigation may be required at a later time. Applicants are also advised that all information concerning qualifications is subject to investigation. False representation may be grounds for non-consideration, non-selection and/or appropriate disciplinary action. Capital In Australia! E-Verify: If you are selected for this position, the editor english documentation that you present for purposes of completing the essayer bien Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Form I-9 will be verified through the DHS 'E-Verify' System. Federal law requires DHS to use the E-Verify System to verify employment eligibility of all new hires, and editor english, as a condition of comment dissertation continued employment obligates the new hire to take affirmative steps to resolve any discrepancies identified by editor english, the system. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is an E-Verify Participant. Direct Deposit: All Federal employees are required to have Federal salary payments made by capital punishment, direct deposit to a financial institution of their choosing.

All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of the announcement. One-year probationary period may be required. Bargaining Unit Position: No Drug Screening Required: No Recruitment Incentive may be authorized. Research positions require an evaluation of the scientific contributions, recognition and professional standing of the researcher as they relate to the position being filled. Include all pertinent information regarding their research accomplishments, e.g. list of publications and presentations. Promotion potential: No.

Public Trust - Background Investigation. Once the editor english online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. The most highly qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring manager for essayer que mal, further consideration and possible interview. We expect to editor, make a selection within 45 days of the closing date of this announcement. The Federal Government offers a comprehensive benefits package. Punishment! Explore the major benefits offered to english, most Federal employees at tant que mal Males born after December 31, 1959 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service (see For information on 'People with Disabilities' please visit Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP): For information on how to editor, apply as an essays, ICTAP eligible see

To be well-qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy, displaced Federal employees must be rated at 85.0 or above on the rating criteria for this position. This job originated on For the english full announcement and to apply, visit Only resumes submitted according to the instructions on the job announcement listed at in great expectations will be considered. Additional Duty Location Info. Additional Duty Location Info. Few vacancies in the following locations. Anchorage, AK Phoenix, AZ Los Angeles, CA Richmond, CA San Diego, CA Fort Collins, CO Hartford, CT Washington DC, DC Fort Lauderdale, FL Gainesville, FL Hollywood, FL Miami, FL North Miami, FL Tallahassee, FL Vero Beach, FL Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Mangilao, GU Honolulu, HI Des Moines, IA Boise, ID Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Frankfort, KY Alexandria, LA Baton Rouge, LA Berlin, MA Boston, MA Concord, MA Marlborough, MA Milton, MA Northampton, MA Baltimore, MD College Park, MD Columbia, MD Ellicott City, MD Hyattsville, MD Kensington, MD Potomac, MD Rockville, MD Silver Spring, MD White Oak, MD Woodlawn, MD Augusta, ME Fairfield, ME Freeport, ME Fenton, MI Minneapolis, MN Saint Paul, MN Blue Ridge, MO Saint Charles, MO Monroe, NC Raleigh, NC Trenton, NC Ashley, ND Lincoln, NE Newark, NJ Trenton, NJ Albuquerque, NM Santa Fe, NM Las Vegas, NV Albany, NY New York, NY Suffern, NY Cincinnati, OH Columbus, OH Lyndhurst, OH Phillipsburg, OH Toledo, OH Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK Tulsa, OK Tulsa, OK Portland, OR Portland, OR Portland, OR Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Yardley, PA San Juan, PR Providence, RI Columbia, SC Columbia, SC North Augusta, SC Coalmont, TN Nashville, TN Austin, TX Austin, TX El Paso, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Houston, TX Keller, TX San Antonio, TX Salt Lake City, UT Richmond, VA Burlington, VT Seattle, WA Shoreline, WA Spokane, WA Madison, WI Madison, WI Charleston, WV Morgantown, WV.

To apply for english, this position, you must complete the occupational questionnaire and submit the documentation specified in the Required Documents section below. The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on finance thesis, Friday, June 16, 2017 to receive consideration. To begin, click Apply Online to create a USAJOBS account or log in to your existing account. Follow the editor english prompts to select your USAJOBS resume and/or other supporting documents and complete the occupational questionnaire. Click the Submit My Answers button to essays about christmas, submit your application package.

It is your responsibility to ensure your responses and appropriate documentation is submitted prior to the closing date. To verify your application is complete, log into your USAJOBS account,, select the editor english Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received and processed, and any correspondence the essay agency has sent related to this application. Your uploaded documents may take several hours to clear the virus scan process. To return to editor english, an incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account and click Update Application in the vacancy announcement. You must re-select your resume and/or other documents from your USAJOBS account or your application will be incomplete.

How You Will Be Evaluated. Although this announcement is advertised for multiple duty locations and grade levels, it is not intended to convey any implication nor expectation that positions will be filled at about carol all grade levels or locations. This announcement is being used to create an inventory of applicants for Medical Officer positions and will be used to editor, fill immediate and future needs. Applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to comment rediger dissertation philo, maximize their employment opportunities. Your application will remain in the inventory of tentatively qualified applicants. Applicants that are among the best qualified will be referred to the selecting official for consideration as requests to fill vacancies are processed by the Human Resources Office. Editor! Term appointments may be shortened or extended up to satire in great expectations, a maximum of four years based on editor, the needs of the your student agency without further competition. Subsequent employment for CDC positions must be through the appropriate competitive process or special employment program hiring authorities.

Temporary appointments may be made for a specified period not to exceed one year. The appointment may be extended one additional year for a maximum of editor 24 months of total service. Supervisory position: This announcement may be used to fill supervisory or lead positions. Some positions will be filled as permanent, temporary, or term appointments. Satire Essay! An optional Title 38 Physician and Dentist Pay (PDP) may be authorized in editor, addition to base pay in order to recruit and satire expectations essay, retain highly qualified physicians. Editor English! All applicants must possess a current medical license when applying for positions that require clinical or patient care. Once the application process is complete, a review of the essayer tant que mal resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to english, the assessment questionnaire to determine if you are qualified for this job. If, after reviewing your resume and/or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and/or experience, you may lose consideration for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your eligibility. Vacancies will be filled through OPM's Direct Hire Authority.

Veterans' preference and satire in great, traditional rating and editor, ranking of applicants do not apply to positions filled under this announcement. All applicants who meet the minimum qualification requirements will be forwarded to the selecting official for consideration. Applications received as a result of job fairs, recruitment events, and emergency hiring mechanisms in comment rediger dissertation philo, support of this hiring initiative will also be accepted during the editor duration of the direct-hire authority. Essayer Bien! For more information on OPM's authorization of editor english Direct Hire Authority, please visit Your qualifications will be evaluated on essayer bien, the following competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics). You do not have to respond to the KSAs separately but your resume should contain sufficient information to english, demonstrate possession of the finance thesis KSAs.

Knowledge of public health and medical programs. Knowledge of editor english theories, principles, practices and objectives of disease. Ability to analyze data from studies and projects. Faxing Applications or Supporting Documents. You are encouraged to apply online. Applying online will allow you to review and track the status of satire essay your application. NOTE : If you applied online and english, your application is complete, do not fax the paper application (1203FX) as this will overwrite your prior online responses and may result in you being found ineligible. If you completed the occupational questionnaire online and are unable to bien, upload supporting document(s):

To fax your documents, you must use the following cover page provide the editor english required information. The Vacancy ID is 1872408. Fax your documents to 1-478-757-3144 . If you cannot complete the Application Package online, you may fax all of your materials. The complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, June 16, 2017to receive consideration. Keep a copy of your fax confirmation in the event verification is needed.

To complete the occupational questionnaire and in great, submit via fax: Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire. Print the 1203FX form, follow the instructions and editor english, provide your responses to essayer que mal, the occupational questionnaire items Fax the completed 1203FX form along with any supporting documents to 1-478-757-3144 . Your 1203FX will serve as a cover page for editor, your fax transmission. Your Résumé - You are encouraged to finance thesis, use the editor USAJobs online resume builder to ensure that all required information is in finance thesis, your resume. If you use your own résumé, curriculum vitae, or any other written form you choose then you must describe your job-related qualifications that include beginning and ending dates for paid and non-paid work experience, hours worked per week, month and editor english, year of employment for finance thesis, each job title listed. A complete Assessment Questionnaire Other supporting documents: Proof of editor english Education: Medical School Diploma, Transcript(s), or Medical License.

Note: You may validate your education by providing a copy of essay your your medical school transcript, a copy of your medical license, or a copy of editor your medical diploma. If selected, however, you must provide an original transcript before appointment. Licensure and Registration - Current, full, and unrestricted license to practice medicine in in great expectations, a State, Territory, or Commonwealth (i.e., Puerto Rico) of the United States or in the District of Columbia. Editor English! The Physician must maintain a current registration to your, continue employment with the CDC. Failure to submit any of the above mentioned required documents may result in loss of consideration due to an incomplete application package. It is your responsibility to english, ensure all required documents have been submitted. For Résumé and Application Tips visit:

The complete Application Package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on rediger philo, Friday, June 16, 2017.

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Textiles GCSES Coursework HELP! Watch. span Follow 67 followers 15 badges. span Follow 67 followers 15 badges. If your art course is anything like mine (OCR, I think. ), then the editor, specification should be something like this:

span Follow 9 followers 2 badges. span Follow 2 followers 2 badges. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. How far have you got? I agree, I presume you'll be doing AQA so read the specification from their website. Essayer Que Mal. I'm sure that will help. span Follow 9 followers 2 badges. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. This is textiles not art. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge.

chill out english, its only textiles. Capital Punishment In Australia. Its not like it matters. Ok well..I kind of need help with Textiles GCSE coursework. Editor. I have done quite a few pages but have quite a bit left. Has anyone done the GCSE and your, still has their coursework? I dont want the coursework i just need to know what to do for english each page. My teacher is capital in australia essay so crap that all our class went to editor, the headteacher to satire in great expectations, complain. English. i think she might get the sack next term. Comment Dissertation Philo. im on easter holidays and want to finish all my coursework. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges.

Do you still need help. English. if so ill tell you all the sheets I had, and bien que mal, I got 100% on my coursework. Editor English. xx. span Follow 1 follower 2 badges. Hey it would be really great if you could give me an idea on what to finance thesis, do for each section! Thanks . Page 2) Image board - pictures of existing products, fabric samples, component samples, etc. then an evaluation, why I needed a mood board, why I have chosen those items on the mood board. Page 3) comparitive shop - examples of the product on the market. in a grid. comparing price, colour, descriptio, fabric, and sizes, available. Editor English. then evaluated page.

Page 4) A designer influence (so I did Giorgio Armani). on other half of dissertation philo page I did an influence from the past ( so i did fashion since WW1). Page 5) Product analysis . I analysed a product already on the market. Editor. I looked at finance thesis, the shop, joining/neatening techniques, colour, price, appearance, fastenings, fabric content, style, washing instructions, country of origin, and function. then I evaluated the page, saying how it would help me design my prouct and editor, the designs I will use. Page 6) On this page I evaluated the previous pages (image board, comparitive shop, product analysis). Comment Rediger Dissertation Philo. I did this on a grid. important points of the english, research, how the information will help me, an what point will specifically help me. Page 7) Fabric specification - the kind of about christmas fabric I will choose. type of material, construction of fabric, colour, properties, cost per metre, after care. Page 8) Product specification- what i think my product will look like. Editor. style, size dimensions, colours, componenets, finishes, after care. Page 8) Initial ideas for my product . Finance Thesis. I did 6. drew them in pencil and annotated. Page 9) Design ideas - ideas that my final product may be like. drawn in pencil and detail annotation. Editor. I also evaluated each against my product and your, fabric specification and also specified where id got my inspiration from.

Page 10) Colour, shape, and pattern ways. English. this was my final design. so for the colour ways i drew the same waistcoat 4 times (front and back view) in diffferent colours. etc. Page 11) I did a lining to my product, so I did different pattern ideas. and tant bien que mal, evaltuated. Page 12) I did different decorative techniques to create my lining. and evaluated. Page 13) Market research- I showed people my design ideas to see which they liked best. then evaluated the page. Page 14) Health safety and risk assesment. for every action that I would need to english, do to carol, create my product I wrote risks and english, evaluated the chance of the risk. Page 15) Fabric reseach. Finance Thesis. Looked at different fabrics and fibre contents. then evaluated them against my product spec and looked how suitable they would be to english, use. Page 16) Final design. Finance Thesis. large picture of design in pen and coloured in on a model. lots of annotation. examples of embelishment. English. etc. Essayer Tant Bien Que Mal. evaluate against english product spec. and evaluate overall. Page 17)Manufacturng specification . Life Student. a flat image drawn in pencil. fabric description (actual fabric being used). stitch detail. Editor English. components used. Your. care label. English. packaging info. total cost and quantities. Page 18) Toile. ..mock up of my product.

I took photos and did a step by step. indicating any problems I had. Page 19) Environmental considerations . for example dying of the fabric. to be more environmental I would use cold water dyes, or use a fabric made from natural or single blend fibres. Page 19) Fabric layout . the layout of the pattern pieces on the fabric, showing all the pattern markings. Satire Essay. evaluate. saying this is the english, most efficent layout. Page 19) Costings sheet . the amounts of the materials and comment dissertation philo, how much everything will cost. Editor English. include labour hours. Carol. say it is editor expensive so appeals to a more upper class market. Page 20) Production flow chart . Finance Thesis. have to look this up. cant explain it very well. Page 21) Mass manufacture . Editor English. how I would make my product if it was mass manufactured. Page 22) User trials . so I did every day activites with my item on. I evaluated with things like 'is it comfortable'.

Page 23) Production plan . Finance Thesis. lesson by lesson plan. what I did in each. the health and english, safety considerations for each lesson. quality control checks. Page 24) Public survey of final item. Page 25) Fabric tes t. I did a crease test, shrinkage test, piling test, static test, and finance thesis, a dry test. then evaluated. Page 26) Evaluation of editor english product . Punishment In Australia. improvemetns and advice to manufacturer. Page 27) Evaluation of editor whole folder . research, designing, developments, planning, making, design spec. etc. . to finish some pictures of my product.

Hope this helps. Xx. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. Page 1) Customer info - project title, who is the comment dissertation philo, client, where/when the english, product will be used, what could I make, how will I make it. On other half of page - things to philo, consider- client, function, safety, fabric, style, time available, cost, size, event, component. Page 2) Image board - pictures of existing products, fabric samples, component samples, etc. then an evaluation, why I needed a mood board, why I have chosen those items on english the mood board. Page 3) comparitive shop - examples of the product on about christmas carol the market. in a grid. comparing price, colour, descriptio, fabric, and editor english, sizes, available. then evaluated page. Page 4) A designer influence (so I did Giorgio Armani). on finance thesis other half of page I did an influence from the past ( so i did fashion since WW1). Page 5) Product analysis . I analysed a product already on english the market.

I looked at the shop, joining/neatening techniques, colour, price, appearance, fastenings, fabric content, style, washing instructions, country of origin, and function. Finance Thesis. then I evaluated the page, saying how it would help me design my prouct and the designs I will use. Page 6) On this page I evaluated the previous pages (image board, comparitive shop, product analysis). I did this on editor a grid. In Australia. important points of the research, how the information will help me, an what point will specifically help me. Page 7) Fabric specification - the kind of fabric I will choose. type of material, construction of english fabric, colour, properties, cost per metre, after care. Page 8) Product specification- what i think my product will look like. style, size dimensions, colours, componenets, finishes, after care. Page 8) Initial ideas for dissertation my product . I did 6. drew them in pencil and annotated. Page 9) Design ideas - ideas that my final product may be like. drawn in pencil and detail annotation.

I also evaluated each against my product and english, fabric specification and also specified where id got my inspiration from. Page 10) Colour, shape, and essay, pattern ways. this was my final design. so for the colour ways i drew the english, same waistcoat 4 times (front and back view) in diffferent colours. Capital. etc. Page 11) I did a lining to my product, so I did different pattern ideas. and editor, evaltuated. Page 12) I did different decorative techniques to essay life, create my lining. and evaluated. Page 13) Market research- I showed people my design ideas to editor, see which they liked best. Essayer Tant Bien. then evaluated the page. Page 14) Health safety and editor, risk assesment. for every action that I would need to finance thesis, do to editor, create my product I wrote risks and in great, evaluated the chance of the risk. Page 15) Fabric reseach. Looked at editor english, different fabrics and fibre contents. then evaluated them against my product spec and looked how suitable they would be to use.

Page 16) Final design. Essay. large picture of design in pen and coloured in on editor a model. lots of annotation. examples of embelishment. etc. evaluate against essay student product spec. and evaluate overall. Page 17)Manufacturng specification . a flat image drawn in pencil. fabric description (actual fabric being used). Editor English. stitch detail. components used. Dissertation Philo. care label. packaging info. total cost and editor, quantities. Page 18) Toile. ..mock up of my product. I took photos and essays about carol, did a step by step. indicating any problems I had. Page 19) Environmental considerations . for editor example dying of the fabric. to be more environmental I would use cold water dyes, or use a fabric made from natural or single blend fibres. Page 19) Fabric layout . the layout of the pattern pieces on comment the fabric, showing all the pattern markings. Editor English. evaluate. saying this is the satire expectations, most efficent layout. Page 19) Costings sheet . the amounts of the materials and how much everything will cost. include labour hours. say it is expensive so appeals to a more upper class market. Page 20) Production flow chart . have to look this up. Editor. cant explain it very well. Page 21) Mass manufacture . Comment Rediger. how I would make my product if it was mass manufactured.

Page 22) User trials . Editor. so I did every day activites with my item on. I evaluated with things like 'is it comfortable'. Page 23) Production plan . lesson by lesson plan. what I did in each. the health and safety considerations for each lesson. quality control checks. Page 24) Public survey of final item. Page 25) Fabric tes t. I did a crease test, shrinkage test, piling test, static test, and satire, a dry test. then evaluated. Page 26) Evaluation of editor product . improvemetns and in great expectations essay, advice to manufacturer. Page 27) Evaluation of whole folder . research, designing, developments, planning, making, design spec. Editor English. etc. . to comment philo, finish some pictures of editor english my product. Hope this helps. Xx. span Follow 0 followers 0 badges.

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920 Words Essay on the Choice of a Career. The selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things of life. But it is equally difficult. The lack of guiding services, proper counseling and ever increasing unemployment has further complicated the editor english matter. Your Student! There is cut-throat competition.

Therefore, most of the young men and women in search of suitable jobs are a confused, indecisive and frustrated lot. It has generated a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the young people. A right choice of a career is fundamental importance. English! On it does depend one#8217;s success or failure in life. A correct choice may lead to happy, prosperous and satisfying career and life. On the comment rediger dissertation philo other hand, a wrong selection may result in failure, disappointment and sadness in life. The result of prolonged indecision rimy still proves worse.

Image Source : Therefore, the editor english problem should be faced and resolved as early as possible. It is better if one decides at the school stage itself what career one is going to adopt in essays about, future. But the school-going students are quite young, inexperienced and raw to take a right decision. They cannot be the best judge in the matter. What are needed are proper guidance, counseling, advice, vocational training, encouragement and orientation. And parents, teachers, professional guides and editor english counselors should help them. They can help the students choose right professions and careers, keeping in mind the aptitude, talent, skills, resources etc., of each and every student, a prospective professional. This will also go a long way in solving the problem of unemployment and your student proper development of our human resources. Life has become all the more complex and competitive. There is a keen struggle and competition in the world of careers and editor english professions.

And only the fittest will survive. After finishing their school and college education or training, the young students are baffled as to which profession to choose. They find themselves groping in satire expectations, the dark. The tough competition and corruption further increase their difficulties. A young man or woman may possess sufficient training, education, orientation and aptitude for english a particular job or position and yet he or she may not get it because of various problems.

Gone are the days when life was easy, simple, smooth and harmonious, and in the majority of the cases the philo son followed his ancestral profession or trade, and was trained in the same at home. With the rapid change in attitudes, situations and progress in editor, science and technology, things have radically changed. Finance Thesis! The entry of women in professions and services has further increased the complications. And so, the selection of english a right career at a right time has become a very tough job. It needs proper, full and comprehensive consideration.

There are professions, careers, trades and jobs in plenty. There are a number of capital punishment essay professional and training institutions like It#8217;s., polytechnics, engineering colleges etc., which give training in various trades, skills, professions and english jobs, such as medicine, engineering, teaching, business, commerce, banking, computer science, advertising, journalism, government services, positions in armed forces, and capital scores others. Then one can begin his own workshop, factory or shop, or choose a career in police, films, commercial art etc. The whole world of careers is yours, but each and english every profession requires a special aptitude, training, guidance, education and preparation. One may wish to become a doctor or an engineer, but mere wish is not enough. Wishes, without proper and matching qualifications and deeds, result in frustration and failure. There are many factors that go in making a successful and happy career. Besides mental make-up, education, training and skills, the financial resources have also to finance thesis, be taken into consideration. For example a young man may possess all the training, skills and aptitude for running an industry. But he cannot venture to be an entrepreneur unless he has sufficient financial backing and muscle.

In these circumstances, he will have to settle for a less ambitious career. But if he has a strong will power, nothing can prevent him from achieving the goal in the long run. One may start from scratch and end up as a business tycoon. A career should be chosen at the earliest possible stage but with proper and full deliberation. The help and guidance of teachers, parents, experienced people and professionals should be sought in the matter. I am a XII class student and I am- not required to enter into editor english, any profession just now. Finance Thesis! And yet I have decided about english my career and profession. Finance Thesis! I have thought long and well over the matter with the help and guidance of editor english my parents, teachers, physical training instructor and others well qualified to advise me.

I have decided to become a soldier in our army. I have robust health, strong determination and sense of strict discipline. I like adventures, bold and daring acts. I have an aptitude for a military career. I have almost made it the mission of my life to serve the country in essays carol, the military uniform. Soon I hope to find myself in Defense Academy, Khadakvasla after completion of my education in editor, the Sank school at Belgium and in Quad. My career in armed forces will provide me with a proper opportunity to serve my motherland in the best possible way I can. For me the profession of finance thesis a soldier is the noblest because it is devoted to the defense of the country#8217;s honour and unity. Editor English! The call to the duty is super most in my mind and I personally feel that this feeling of satire in great mine can find best possible expression in defense service only. Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and editor everything about Essay.

This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Finance Thesis! Before publishing your Essay on this site, please read the following pages:

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European Journal of Academic Essays. International Multidisciplinary Research Journal. European Journal of Academic Essays 2(6): 32-38, 2015. ISSN (online): 2183-1904. ISSN (print): 2183-3818. Eight Types of Childhood Environments that Actually Produced Serial Killers. Based on the Information in Lay Literature and on english the Internet.

Toin University of Yokohama. Department of Biomedical Engineering, Toin University of Yokohama, 1614 Kurogane Aoba Yokohama 225-8503, Japan. Abstract: Although there have been significant advances in the knowledge and understanding of serial murder, its exact etiology remains unknown. Rediger Dissertation. In particular, the effect of environmental influences is unclear. While some researchers stress the impossibility of editor english, predicting multiple murders from an understanding of finance thesis, early childhood events, others posit the importance of editor, traumatic event(s) on the development of your, serial killers. However, even among those who have stressed on traumatic event(s), there are clear inconsistencies regarding the timing and english, types of such incident(s). This study investigates the childhood environments of 52 serial killers to see if there are any patterns that appear repeatedly among their environmental backgrounds and satire, if so, when such factors have more damaging effects on the subjects. This preliminary research intentionally uses lay literature and Internet-based information that are normally overlooked by academic researchers. . Keywords: etiology of serial murder, development of serial killer, family environment, childhood background, environmental factors, pattern. A substantial sum of knowledge has been devoted to understanding the english extreme form of punishment essay, violence known as serial murder.

Among researchers, it is generally agreed that serial killers kill a minimum of three to four people over time [1]. Although there has been a steady increase in editor serious crimes committed by women, women still represent only about 5-8% of serial killers in the United States [2]. In Great Expectations. Thus, the current orientation of english, criminological research, especially in homicide, focuses primarily on male criminality, a focus which is comment rediger dissertation also partly supported by public perceptions [1]. Lee [3] differentiates between types of general murders according to motive. Those motives include profit, passion, hatred, power or domination, revenge, opportunism, fear, contract killing, desperation, compassion, and ritual.

In a similar manner, Holmes and DeBurger [4] identify four different types of serial killers according to their core characteristics: The visionary type is compelled to murder by God or the Devil, and could be psychotic; the mission-oriented type acts in order to rid the english world of a specific type of person, such as homosexuals, prostitutes, or people of other ethnicities or religions; the power or control type gains and exerts power over victims through murder; and finance thesis, the hedonistic type derives pleasure from killing. This last type can be further classified into lust -, thrill -, or comfort – ( profit -) oriented murderers [5]. Regarding the etiology of antisocial behaviors, an increasing number of recent studies have concluded that genetic or biological influences and their interactions with the english environment are the key [6] [7]. However, regarding the environmental influences, there are some inconsistencies which need to be clarified. Fox and Levin [8] stress the impossibility of predicting multiple murders from an about carol, understanding of early childhood events, based on the fact that only a few of those who share common childhood traits actually become such killers. Holmes and Holmes [2] also maintain that the reasons behind antisocial behaviors are complex and not completely understood, and that until true understanding from the examination of the whole experience comes, no great strides can occur. Hickey [1] posits the editor importance of traumatic event(s) that can gradually influence a person to kill. In his trauma-control model , Hickey hypothesizes that the subject experiences certain destabilizing event(s) “during the finance thesis formative years” (p. 86).

Hickey seems to include both abusive and neglectful factors in english the destabilizing event(s), such as “unstable home life, death of parents, divorce, corporal punishments, sexual abuse, and other negative events” (p. Essayer Tant. 86), and considers rejection in an unstable, abusive home as being the most common. These unresolved traumas then lead to a deep sense of anxiety, mistrust, confusion, inadequacy, and self-doubt in editor english the subject, which is suppressed to such an extent that it cannot be recalled consciously. This suppressed experience will in time be split off within the comment rediger subject, but will eventually surface unexpectedly. Holmes, Tewksbury, and Holmes [9] try to further specify this developmental process in their fractured identity syndrome . Editor English. However, they argue that one traumatic incident happens “in the adolescent years” (p. 267) that causes a small fissure in the subject’s personality, and essays christmas, following incidents cause that fissure to explode and fracture the personality.

Holmes et al. say that before this happens, “[s]erial killers are much like everyone else during the primary years of personality development…and there was nothing in english their early years that would have prepared them for the sequential predation that would occur later in their lives” (p. Dissertation Philo. 267). They mention, as examples of the single traumatic incident that causes the fissure, unreasonable punishment for editor english something the subject did not do and the discovery of the subject’s illegitimacy or adoption, insinuating that psychological abuse or shock is the key etiological element. Finance Thesis. They further state that these subjects can also recall the editor painful social event that made them feel that the subsequent homicide would be acceptable. Holmes et al. also emphasize the importance of the timing of the initial fracturing event and the sequence of events that followed. Especially between Hickey [1] and finance thesis, Holmes et al. (1999), who hypothesize the importance of traumatic incident(s) in english the development of serial murder personalities, there are clear inconsistencies regarding the essayer bien timing and types of such incident(s). However, it is proven that various child maltreatments have different effects on the development of a child’s personality.

Neglect, physical abuse, and psychological abuse each have a distinct psychological effect on editor a child’s development. Although physical abuse produces aggression toward others, psychological attacks and criticism from the parents appear to be specifically associated with low self-evaluation [10]. Neglect, on the other hand, is finance thesis associated with even more severe cognitive and english, academic deficits—social withdrawal, limited peer acceptance, and internalizing problems—than physical abuse [11]. Regarding the timing of the traumatic incident, Hickey [1] uses the rediger philo phrase formative years while Holmes et al. [9] uses adolescent years . Editor English. While Hickey states that “[f]or the offender, this cycle of trauma and quest for regaining control can be generated at essayer, a very early age” (p. 88), Holmes et al. give examples in which such incidents happened at ages eight, nine, and editor, 13.

Although they could generally mean the same age range, Hickey seems to mean younger ages than Holmes et al. There are serial killers who actually started showing their aggression at even younger ages than the researchers suggest. For example, Ted Bundy surrounded his aunt with knives at finance thesis, the age of three when she was taking a nap [12]. William Heirens playfully shut a dog up in an unlit oven and locked his mother in editor the pantry at age two [13]. It seems important to clarify what types of environmental factors are critical in causing serial murder and when those factors have more damaging effects on the subjects. Children are known to develop a cognitive framework called an internal working model around the age of philo, three [14] [15], and a child’s later interaction with others is guided by memories and expectations from this internal working model [16]. Thus, this paper attempts to discover certain patterns among serial killers’ backgrounds, especially during their early childhood.

However, in editor general, data on homicide offenders are not freely available, and datasets are mainly derived from news archives [8] [17]. Such information does not necessarily cover the offenders’ upbringings. Especially for serial murders, there are no official data sources for assessing prevalence or patterns, and depending on the authority one chooses to read, the typologies of the murders often differ, some using causation while others are diagnostic in tant nature [18] [19]. In addition, family problems are not directly perceptible by traditional measures [20], and serial killers are notorious for not telling the truth [21]. These are part of why research into serial killers’ backgrounds is stagnant [2]. Normally, lay literature and editor, internet sources are considered unreliable for academic research. While acknowledging the lesser credibility of punishment, information from lay literature and editor, the internet, if a wide range of less credible information is combined and compared to capital find commonalities, there still is editor a possibility that irregular or exceptional outliers would fall off and only the common information would remain. Finance Thesis. In the current situation, in which obtaining official records for a wide range of serial killers’ backgrounds is next to impossible, such research could still serve as a pilot work that may stimulate further research. In this study, the english childhood environments of finance thesis, 52 serial killers were looked into to see if there are any patterns that appear repeatedly among their environmental backgrounds.

The information used in this preliminary research was based on what could be obtained from lay literature on true crimes and internet sites such as Murderpedia , Crime Library on truTV , Wikipedia , , and YouTube , which contain as much inside information as can be considered helpful in knowing exactly what happened during the early lives of the subjects. The subjects that were chosen for this study included only those with ample background information available from those two types of editor english, sources. As a result, most of the included cases turned out to be the ones that once caused a sensation in the news. Since this research is qualitative, to look into too many cases would prevent a careful examination of each case. At the same time, too few cases could not produce reliable commonalities. Thus, the dissertation number of cases to look into was originally set at around 50 without any special conditions on the selection of subjects. Qualitative content analysis was used to analyze the collected data. Due to the preliminary nature of this research, any specific assumptions were not set in advance, as is the case with deductive qualitative analysis [22] [23] [24].

We first extracted sufficient information pertaining to each of the serial killer subjects’ childhood backgrounds from lay literature and online sources. Outstanding environmental features that characterized each case were underlined. They were then condensed by deleting all unnecessary words and paraphrased into a short form. These short forms were transcribed on a coded sheet and common categories were generated. These categories were then applied to the rest of the cases and revised, when necessary, to assure intercoder consistency. Finally, we attempted to place all the subjects into one category that we considered to best represent their childhood environment after a full comparison to similar cases of english, other subjects.

The results of our research and categorization are shown in the table below. Some types which clearly involve clear specific factors are divided into sub-features. Although we attempted to focus on the one most outstanding environmental feature for each subject, when a subject clearly belonged in more than one category, the capital name was also placed under the secondary feature and english, parenthesized. The parenthesized numbers indicate the age at which the single traumatic event occurred. Capital Punishment In Australia. The types of these events were briefly described in parentheses in Note . Note . Andrei Chikatilo and Anatoly Onoprienko are Russian, Robert Black and Harold Shipman British, Paul Bernardo Canadian, and editor english, Charles Ng Chinese. Miyoko Sumida, Suzuka Hatakeyama, Naohide, Sakakibara Seito, Kiyotaka Katsuta, Issei Sagawa, and Tsutomu Miyazaki are all Japanese.

Naohide and Sakakibara Seito, having been still minor at tant que mal, the time of their offenses, are nicknames. Among all subjects, only editor english, Miyoko Sumida and Suzuka Hatakeyama are female. a The anger-prone/overbearing mother is a hysterical/volatile character. b The denial of identity/male sexuality from a mother is a rigid character, exemplified by the mother denying all women other than herself, forcing the subject to tant bien que mal wear female clothing, and/or calling him by a female name. The anger-prone/overbearing and the denial of english, identity/male sexuality could overlap. c Neglect + ? and Adoption + ? means there was a trauma in addition to finance thesis neglect or adoption. Each event was: Dean Corll (rheumatic fever), Coral Eugene Watts (meningitis), Robert Yates (sexual abuse), Donald Harvey (sexual abuse), Dennis Nilsen (death of grandfather), Issei Sagawa (peritonitis), Jeffrey Dahmer (hernia), David Berkowitz (announcement of adoption). d Deprived of editor, basic care after birth was place separately under Neglect + ? and Adoption + ? due to its much greater effect over ordinary neglect that occurred after the expectations essay postnatal stage [25] [26]. e Neglect + ? with access to outside friends was separated from Neglect + ? while confined to the family because of its unique offense pattern, in which the subjects repeated their murderous acts in spite of their guilty feelings after each incident.

As seen in Table 1, eight types of environmental features emerged from the examination of the childhoods of 52 serial killer subjects. Against what both Hickey [1] and Holmes et al. [9] hypothesized, the single traumatic event types covered only part of the cases and the repetitive trauma types covered more cases. These single traumatic events happened between the ages of one and editor english, eight following neglect, adoption, and other types of traumas, which began much earlier than the specific events. According to Terr [27], traumas are divided into finance thesis, two types: one caused by a single event ( Type I trauma ), and the other caused by a long-standing repetitive ordeal ( Type II trauma ). Thus, 46 of the 52 serial murderers in this study experienced Type II traumas. All 52 serial killers had one or more factors from their childhood that implanted in them the seeds of their later aggressive acts. Even if they were neglected at some point, there were always certain abusive factor(s) confirmed. This seems to indicate that they were under abusive, not neglectful, conditions.

Lange and DeWitt [28] conducted a worldwide study of 165 motiveless murders from 1600 to the present. In their research, they point out that the editor reason only a handful of comment philo, people develop into serial killers is because of neurological malfunctioning resulting from head injuries, epilepsy, or deep temporal-lobe spiking, which can lead to seizures and later compulsive autonomic behavior. However, among our 52 subjects, the number of editor english, those who clearly shared such features were minor: Berkowitz, Ramirez, Bianchi, Harvey, and Heirens. It is finance thesis inconclusive at editor, this point whether the claim by Fox and Levin [8] that only few of those who share common environmental traits actually become serial killers is true. Still, there is a possibility that the traumatic environmental factors either occurred during very early childhood when the subjects’ personalities were not yet firmly established, were at higher damaging levels than what ordinary people experience, or were highly consistent within the essay your life family circumstances in which they were confined throughout their childhood. Considering that all the Type II traumas in this study were the results of editor english, parental dispositions and had likely been consistent since the dissertation subjects’ births, it is editor english possible that most of those who developed a serial murder personality were under each adverse condition before the age four.

This seems consistent with the age when an internal working model is established, as proposed by Bowlby [14] . As was mentioned, this research was utterly preliminary in nature, with its information based on lay literature and the internet, which are not used in academic research. However, the fact that some clear factors surfaced from the childhood environments of our 52 subjects based on only unofficial information suggests that there is a possibility that similar, more reliable patterns could be found based on more official information. Thus, such studies are highly recommended. Comment Rediger Dissertation Philo. It also seems promising to compare the backgrounds of editor english, those who committed serial murders and those who did not after experiencing apparently similar environmental conditions, including the christmas age differences for when the traumatic conditions began. A careful examinations of a limited number of english, such subjects might be a more effective method of finding their distinctions. [1] E. Finance Thesis. W. Hickey, Serial murderers and their victims (2 nd ed.). Editor English. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. (1997). [2] R. M. Holmes, S. Capital Punishment In Australia Essay. T. Holmes, Serial Murder (3 rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. (2010).

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Psychoanal Study Child, 1 , 53-74. (1945). [26] M. W. Armsworth, M. Essayer Bien. Hoaday, The effects of psychological trauma on children and adolescents. Journal of Counseling Development, 72 (1), 49-56. (1993). [27] L. C. Terr, Childhood traumas: An outline and overview. American Journal of Psychiatry, 148 (1), 10-20. (1991). [28] J. E. T. Lange, K. DeWitt, What the FBI doesn’t know about serial killers and why . Paper presented at the Metropolitan Washington Mesa Regional Gathering, Arlington, VA. (1990, February). Kenji Abe, Ed.D. researches the effects of english, family and social environment on essays about christmas carol the development of editor english, antisocial behavior globalization and social pathology at Toin University of Yokohama, and serves as a board member for the National Correctional Counseling Committee in Japan. How to Plan and Write a Paper: Introductions.

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